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Life Without Gluten ®/ Celiac Source is a website intended as a helpful guide for opinions and advice from other people seeking a gluten-free lifestyle.  Please be warned that while we do our best to check out information given to us, we cannot guarantee the reliability of the information on this site. 

All food mentioned onLife Without Gluten ®/Celiac Source is manufactured by outside entities.  The content is the responsibility of the maker.  We cannot be held responsible for any consequences from eating food suggested on this website because its contents are controlled by the respective restaurants, bakeries, and manufacturers of recipe ingredients. 

Life Without Gluten ®/Celiac Source may contain medical opinions.  This is simply to be taken for the opinion that it is, and not to replace the medical advice of your doctor.  We may mention specific medications.  Please advised that the ingredients of medications are subject to change at any time.  Pills that do not contain wheat binders one day may suddenly be reformulated at the company's whim.  While we will certainly try to keep current information, please be advised that it is the manufacturer who has control over the contents of any medications.  We are merely reporting our subjective experiences with these medications.

Life Without Gluten ®/Celiac Source features user-submitted content.  This includes, but is not limited to the forum, and user-submitted recipes, bakeries, and restaurants.  We cannot guarantee that the information is accurate.  We make an effort to control the content in our recipes, restaurants, and forums, but naturally, there will be human error in this process.  Please be warned that some information may be inaccurate due to user misinformation. 

In summary, please be careful with information from this site, and treat it like the opinion-based site it is.  These are the subjective experiences of many people, and information compiled by many sources, some of whom could be mistaken or misinformed.  If you are unsure of any information you find here, we strongly suggest checking other sources to confirm the gluten-free status of food and medicine items.  Call the manufacturers/restaurants/bakeries, look up second opinions on other websites, or speak to your physician to check the reliability of our information.  We cannot be held responsible for these outside sources and the information they give to you.


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